Start up

Affording myself time and setting a few goals has always been in the interests of a paid position or study for the next career step. I have now released myself from full-time work for a while. Actively looking at a number of interesting ideas at the moment, processing whether art is enough in itself. I have a desire to make new work, but also to contribute to happiness, and not just my own.

So as a start up, with the skills, connections, experience and energy I have right now, I am opening up to the opportunities that may present themselves (or may be actively sought out).

For a beginning, I define {AM:PM} Ann McLean Project Management – as a business that provides productions, events, ceremonies and the like; as well as management services such as planning strategy, writing grant applications or undertaking research.

{AM:PM} is characterised by its philosophy of being environmentally friendly and inclusive. Reducing waste and excessive use of non-renewable resources is a key principle. An alternative, accessible, culturally inclusive approach means {AM:PM} welcomes clients who share similar values.


By Ann McLean

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