2016 Begins

It’s been an interesting month of work, rest and introductions.

In assisting Ellen Belloo theatre group I gained inspiration, knowing these women are supporting women in cross cultural performance opportunities. Their investment in the next generation of theatre makers is also great to see.  Good luck to Katherine Lyall-Watson and EB team for the new year’s projects.

Working alongside powerfully committed professionals on A Rock & Roll Writers Festival was intensive and rewarding. Music culture in Brisbane is very close to the hearts of a generation or two of folks who love to read as well. No doubt this will be a successful new venture for the amazing de Souza and Woolley team. Great to be able to assist.

In discussions with other fabulous companies and artists for whom I will be working in 2016 in various capacities. More on this as we settle into the year (so excited).

On a side note, I discovered a new platform for one of my other interests – buying and selling vintage wears, Kitch Please. In my time off, I’ll be selling some more gorgeous objects of desire.

And of course, my practice in abstract oils has re-started in my studio, after much procrastination (involving cleaning and re-organising) and general holidaying. I am loving the long summer afternoons for pottering and creating new works – exhibition planned for late 2016 possibly at This Must be the Place (the one in Fortitude Valley Brisbane, not the one in Darlinghurst, Sydney).


Peregian Beach December 2015.

By Ann McLean


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