Hurry up, and wait

April 2016 began with a joyful, immersive social extravaganza. “A Rock n Roll Writers Festival” brought together a motley crew of slightly worn looking individuals, most of whom had extraordinary life experiences and philosophies.  For me, after having worked full time in recent years in dance, it had been a while between conversations with some of my music friends. It was great to catch up. The content of the panels with dozens of speakers and ranging conversations showed just how much love it takes to fill a room. Each panel was almost obsessively attended to, and passionately replied to. I saw great men speak truths and young women held up as champions. Writers, lyricists, poets, commentators, elders, all had something special to give. It was great.

Then progressed as a mixed month of wonderful re connections with artists and arts managers, and periods of intensive work, with short lulls in work flow.  These moments of peace gave me time to spend with my sister, Cat Childs, part owner of The Love Press, designers and printers, working on branding and stationery for my future business. More later in the year as that comes to completion.

A night spent out to witness the latest iteration of Claire Marshall’s “Flaunt” restored my faith that women can own their power and nurture themselves. Women in Theatre in Queensland provided a couple of treats in April. I witnessed a showing of a work by Emma Workman, a very strong piece in progress; and enjoyed the layers of “Motherland” by Katherine Lyall-Watson and her crew. The company is on tour following successful Queensland seasons.

Beyond the grant writing, awaiting the results of previous grants, study, design work for clients and future self, I developed a few new business connections for May and July, and began planning the botanical additions to the garden here at home. After a month of sporadic activity, enjoyable and busy, May looks to be hyper active leading up to our trip to Germany. Planning for that has infiltrated daily conversations. Anticipation builds.


Planning a new garden…

By Ann McLean

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