Long Game Multipliers
Notes from Ann McLean

The point of the multiplier is to leverage your effort. A wheelbarrow can carry more than you can. Find your wheelbarrow.
1.     Accept time cannot be expanded. How you use it can be. Distractions waste resources. Working longer to achieve a better result is not a multiplier. It is just working longer.
2.     Deadlines need to stretch you. Urgency gets things done. But impatience is the enemy.
3.     Just because you can do anything doesn’t mean you should do everything. Accept you can’t shine everywhere. You must decide where you can shine the brightest and focus on that. >Decision making: Yes/No decisions impact your life/career. Saying No is only No to that option. Yes = responsibility. Saying Yes is saying No to all the other options.
4.     The busy fool doesn’t lack effort, but focus. Control what you give your attention to. Self-discipline, lack of distractions.
5.     Teams can achieve more than individuals. Teams are multipliers. Technical skills, knowledge, competencies – shared strengths.
6.     Good systems, mindset, inner game all contribute to long term success.
7.     Intrinsic motivation makes everything easier. If you can link something ‘hard to do’ with ‘why’ you want to make it happen, the task becomes easier. Purpose is a multiplier.
8.     If you can ‘vision it’, your chances of achieving it are increased. Mental models are multipliers.
9.     Ideas separate you. See what others don’t do. And get there first. Your unique gift is a multiplier.
10.  Cultural identity, gender, age, circumstance. Your personal brand, over time, will return on investment.
11.  Trust is a multiplier.  Just as compounding interest builds up money, consistency of values builds up reputation. Seed today for tomorrow.
12.  Generosity. Give more than you take. Don’t keep score.
13.  Sleep is a multiplier of energy. And so will determine what you can achieve tomorrow. Good health is worthy of investment and daily ritual.  
14.  In appropriate measure, money, a curated appearance, virtue, location, fame, infamy: good to cultivate.
15.  Organisationally and personally: morale, diplomacy, intelligence, weather, geography, culture, adherence to protocols, and support networks all impact outcomes.

Note that this content is inspired by The Do.


By Ann McLean

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