Long Game MultipliersNotes from Ann McLean The point of the multiplier is to leverage your effort. A wheelbarrow can carry more than you can. Find your wheelbarrow.1.     Accept time cannot be expanded. How you use it can be. Distractions waste resources. Working longer to achieve a better result is not a multiplier. It is just working…… Continue reading Multipliers

Grant Writing Notes

I have written hundreds of grant applications, mainly in the arts and creative industries research. This brief post is the beginning of a series to demystify the process and support folks who are starting out. ** To begin, you position your ideas in the frame of the grant provider’s agenda. When you apply for a…… Continue reading Grant Writing Notes

Review: My name is Jimi

22.07.17 Preview reviewed for XSEntertainment My Name is Jimi Queensland Theatre The family story that expands on history and contemporary cultural knowledge brings a powerfully close connection and imbues greater respect, warmth and love. Jimi himself and two of his family take the stage, backed by support cast members that come from the top end.…… Continue reading Review: My name is Jimi

2017 begins

New year, new ideas, old values – still learning. The year has begun. Daily doses of narcissistic political news balance erratically with an internal sense of healing and just a bit more letting go.  Diversity and citizenship has always been something I have keenly supported. This year, the important connection between being a fair, caring…… Continue reading 2017 begins

Mad month of May

Appropriately beginning with Labour Day, May started out as a month of work of various types. It was my great pleasure to contribute to the Elevate Project run by Lisa Wilson with support from MAD Dance House and Metro Arts. It reminded me of how much I love instructing / delivering content for emerging professional…… Continue reading Mad month of May

Hurry up, and wait

April 2016 began with a joyful, immersive social extravaganza. “A Rock n Roll Writers Festival” brought together a motley crew of slightly worn looking individuals, most of whom had extraordinary life experiences and philosophies.  For me, after having worked full time in recent years in dance, it had been a while between conversations with some…… Continue reading Hurry up, and wait

Summer warmth

Reflections on March In what seemed like a whirlwind, March has come and gone. Early March brought a clutch of amazing women together for the inaugural Women’s Day afternoon tea hosted at our home. Sharing carefully crafted home-baked offerings (Vegan Chocolate and Zucchini Cake OMG) and celebratory beverages, these women lifted my spirits with their generous, warm-hearted…… Continue reading Summer warmth


The month of February brought some exciting project grants to a close. Helping folks with Aust Co, Bundanon and Gambling Community grants has been confidence building. My knowledge and experience is being utilised really well. Happy to continue as a grant writer at this stage. Looking forward to helping out at The Rock & Roll…… Continue reading Independence

2016 Begins

It’s been an interesting month of work, rest and introductions. In assisting Ellen Belloo theatre group I gained inspiration, knowing these women are supporting women in cross cultural performance opportunities. Their investment in the next generation of theatre makers is also great to see.  Good luck to Katherine Lyall-Watson and EB team for the new year’s…… Continue reading 2016 Begins